4 easy photography tricks to get the best out of every shot!

January 29, 2020

You cannot become a good photographer whilst just carrying a high-end DSLR and you must have to pay attention to various different techniques and methods in the same regards. Njock Ajuk Eyong, one of the most renowned photographers in South Africa, lays down certain key points in the same regards. As per him, photography isn’t just an art and more of an approach that is going to define one’s approach towards the profession of photography. As per him, every photographer must abide by the following points in order to get the best out of their photography skills.

Njock Ajuk Eyong

  1. Focus on the subject

If you want to bring out the best results of your passion for photography, you got to have a subject in your mind. Well, it won’t go the desired way by just keeping the subject and the same has to be interesting enough in order to catch the attention of all the viewers. Njock Ajuk Eyong himself went through the same kind of struggles and as per him, “every photographer has to went through this fight of finding the most suitable subject and this is where you have to be a little wiser. We got subjects all around us, be it the fancy surrounding or the most serene natural landscapes. You just have to find the one suiting your needs”.

Njock Ajuk Eyong

2. Take care of the light quality

Light quality can certainly make or break your whole photography quality and this is where you have to focus most of the time during your photography session. Light quality can lay a big impact on the overall shot in two ways-color of the light and the density of the light. As per Njock Ajuk Eyong, it all depends on the photographer and his/her given approach towards the shot which would reap some good benefits during the photoshoot. So, every precaution needs to be taken through in order to bring the most perfect shot into place.

3. Analyze the exposure

Njock Ajuk Eyong

The right exposure can bring the most perfect impression into the whole photograph and the photographer must take this into consideration whilst going ahead with the shoot. The shot must not be too dark or too bright and this is where the best photographer must get it right. As per Njock Ajuk Eyong, the perfect shot must carry along the right exposure and this is something which brings in the difference between a good photographer and the best photographer around.

Nowadays, you can find many DSLR cameras that come with the auto-exposure control feature and the photographers always have the choice to adjust it according to their choice. Still, that requires the right expertise and experience in order to find the right exposure in your given shot.

Njock Ajuk Eyong

4. Minimize the shakiness during the shot

Camera shake during the photography session often spoils the whole image with unwanted blurs and this is something that needs to be countered in order to bring the best shot on board. While this happens mostly in the dark zones with handheld cameras, photographers can use a tripod or any other accessory in order to get the right shot without any blurred images. Although carrying a tripod won’t be easy and convenient every other time, you can always count upon the shutter speed feature of any given DSLR around. As per Njock Ajuk Eyong, an expert photographer can bring out a perfect shot whilst playing with the camera settings in the process.

Njock Ajuk Eyong

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