Know some wildlife photography rule while hunting with camera

September 22, 2020

In the 21st century, everyone knows photography, it’s more like everyone is photography pro until it comes to click some wildlife photographs. Indeed, one of the hardest and craziest parts of photography. You can click amazing and outstanding pictures with humans and objects but when it comes to animals, it is quite impossible to ask them to pose as some of them are cute but dangerous. It takes some dedication and crazily-in-love with wildlife and photography also. 


If we are talking about wildlife photography and a “Pro-in-photography”, it is impossible that can people don’t take the name of Njock Ajuk Eyong. His name comes as one of the most notorious names in the world of photography in South Africa, Johannesburg. He is amid those few well-recognized photographers of the country who has earned good fame and name in the world of photography with his non-stop hard work, compassion and passion for his profession. 


If we dig deep into the journey of Njock Ajuk Eyong visa, anyone can learn so many essential life lessons from his childhood year struggles and empathy towards life. He was born in Africa’s Johannesburg city and brought up there only. From a very young age, he started loving photography that leads him to become one of the successful photographers. 


He has so much to share when it comes to photography whether we talk about wildlife photography or wedding or even portrait. Njock Ajuk Eyong lawyer’s talent and exquisite photography skills are recommendable. From landscape photoshoot to portrait shoot to wildlife photography to wedding photography, he has earned great name and fame. Despite the fact that his childhood life and some early years has not been easy for him, he has overcome every situation and become one of the brightest photographers in the world. 


From his knowledge and experience of years, we have gathered some amazing rules or you can say self-defined tips of wildlife photography while hunting with a camera. Here are some of the rules you should know as a wildlife photographer whether you are experienced one or a new-comer. 


1. Know and understand your gear.-


Reliant on the sort of wildlife photography you want to do, this is one of the major areas where your gear has an essential role. While shooting a subject, especially in wildlife photography, you would not have much time to fix the gear or learn its functions at the time. You need to learn and understand its various functions and the entire system before go out for wildlife photograph hunting. Learn it like a pro just like an engineer knows how to fix your car or train without even thinking twice about it. 



Njock Ajuk Eyong Africa 



2. Never stress to the subject in order to take good pictures. 


It is absolutely not right to cause any kind of stress or harm to the birds and animals for the sake of good pictures. Don’t pressure animals or birds, it anyway doesn’t help you to take outstanding pictures. Be professional while taking pictures of animals as make animals and bird frighten just to take pictures is evidence of unprofessionalism and selfish individual. 


3. You should be passionate about animals and photography. 


 Unless you are a hardcore lover of photography and animals, you can go far in the world of “wildlife photography”. We are saying so because wildlife photography requires dedication and empathy towards your profession. Wildlife photographers dedicate their days, nights, weeks, months and even years just to take a good shot. It won’t take much but it indeed takes a strong will to click something outstanding. 


 4. You need to be technically talented 


You as a wildlife photographer should know how to compose subjects and get perfectly-sharp pictures. You also should know which is the best light as per your subject and environment, how to fill the light in the subjects and all the techniques essential to click best of the best wildlife photographers. 


5. You need to be persevered, positive and have an abundance of patience. 


If any area of photography where failure more likely to happen is only “wildlife photography”. While hunting for precious pictures of animals and bird, you need to be very persevered, positive and have patience. 


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